in a fisherman's paradise


Bjerrely Fiskesø is Denmark's first green sustainable fishing lake with quality rainbow and gold trout from recognized Danish fish farms! The Lake is approx. 22,000 m2 large and 6 - 8 meters deep, and has a natural water supply from underground sources that make it is thus extremely clean.

Welcome to Fishing Paradise!

Bjerrely Fiskesø is one of the most beautifully situated in Denmark, surrounded by deciduous and spruce forests. There are many options of fishing spots from which to fish. The unique nature, as well as the silence and the rich bird life, offer the best opportunities for good nature and fishing experience.


A Fishing place created 100% by and for fishing lovers! After the catch, the fish can of course be cleaned with running water on a nearby cleaning table. You will also find good toilets and a shower here. The unique nature, as well as the silence and the rich birdlife, offer the best opportunities for good nature and fishing experience.

Cleaning facilities

By the lake there is a cleaning table with running water. You can also buy PowerBait, earthworms, bee maggots and fishing tackle from us.

Benches and paths

By the lake there are tables, benches and barbecue areas. There are nice toilet facilities at the cleaning site and at the beautiful Mussel House.


For all anglers, we offer free access to clean and neat toilet facilities. You will find a toilet close to the lake, in Muslingehuset, and near the cleaning site.


At a wind-protected point by the lake. There are tables, benches, and a grill in the shelter. The shelter must be booked.

If you've failed fishing,
have the opportunity to buy fresh trout to take home or grill on site!

Fishing Prices

2 Hours

Per fishing rod

130kr. / €18 each
3 Hours

Per fishing rod

160kr. / €22 each
4 Hours

Per fishing rod

190kr. / €26 each
5 Hours

Per fishing rod

210kr. / €30 each
6 Hours

Per fishing rod

240kr. / €34 each
8 Hours

Per fishing rod

300kr. / €42 each
10 Hours

Per fishing rod

360kr. / €52 each
12 Hours

Per fishing rod

420kr. / €60 each

– Children up to 10 years old pay with a discount. Find the price board on Bjerrely facilities.

– An accompanying person and children are included, each additional person 30 DKK or 4,50 Euro/day.

– Filleting and cleaning are available, ask prices.

Fishing Rod Rental

1 Fishing Rod

per hour

30kr. / €4 each
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